Egyptian Parents Name Their Baby Facebook

A young Egyptian father has named his newborn girl 'Facebook' to honour the role played by the social networking platform in organising protests that led to the ousting of President Mubarak.

Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reports that the 20 year-old Jamal Ibrahim named his newborn daughter 'Facebook' to "express his joy at the achievements made by the January 25 Youth”.

Facebook, which has 5.5 million users in Egypt, along with other social networking platforms like Twitter, was used to organise protests across the nation. The platform helped Egyptians spread the word about the protests and decide protest timings and meeting places.

During the two weeks of the protest, Egyptians created 32,000 new groups and 14,000 public pages on Facebook in order to coordinate activities. Google executive Wael Ghonim, who played a key role in the events, had created a Facebook account that led to his arrest. He was released after the outcry from people around the world.

In many parts of the media and throughout the affected region the uprising has even become to be known as the "facebook revolution".