Further Delay In Release Of Firefox 4

Open source software maker Mozilla has further delayed the Firefox 4 beta 12 indicating that the issues to be dealt with would require a few days, before creating the final build.

Mozilla's Christian Legnitto wrote to a Firefox mailing list that beta 12 was being delayed owing to a few remaining bugs that need to be sorted before releasing the beta.

He also stated that beta 12 is still intended as the final beta version before the release candidate is dished out, but added that if the issues in beta 12 are not dealt with properly, a 13th beta will be released.

“Beta 12 is currently planned to be the last beta (by definition due to not having any betaN hardblockers after it is created), but we still might need a beta 13 if issues found in beta 12 need beta coverage before a release candidate (RC),” Legnitto wrote.

Firefox 4 was initially planned to be released in November 2011, but the date was pushed back to early 2011. Then in January Mozilla's director of platform engineering, Damon Sicore, said they would "ideally finish the hard blockers by the beginning of February."

The bug list shows that there 3 bugs remaining in beta 12 with one being ranked as critical while the other two have been rated as major.

Firefox accounts for just under a quarter of all browsers in use according to the company Net Applications.