Google Plans Fundamental Change To Chrome Browser

Google is apparently planning some radical new changes to its Chrome web browser, including removing the address bar from the browser's user interface.

According to The Telegraph, sources close to the company reveal that the address bar could be moved to make way for more browsing space.

One such feature that is being considered by the company is that the address bar will only appear when the user places the cursor over a specific area.

The 'compact' navigation tool, which has been described on the Chromium website, will allow users to use the search as a launcher and a switcher. The company also states as a strength that web apps will be able to provide a better user experience with a larger content area.

“If we take the address bar out of the tab, it can be used as both a launcher and switcher; the user doesn't have to worry about replacing their active tab. The current url shows while a site is loading, and can be edited or changed by clicking on the tab,” Google explains.

They do also note a few possible weaknesses with the proposed change, including; the current url not always being visible, a crowded tab strip and navigation controls and menus not being located within the tab.