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Intel Reveals Poulsan Micro-architecture Behind Itanium Processors

Chip maker Intel has revealed the Poulsan micro-architecture that will feature in the update to its Itanium server processors.

According to Intel, the Poulsan chips come with an eight-core design that is based on 32nm architecture with improved throughput and greater efficiency.

The chips, which have been designed keeping in mind mission critical applications, will also be socket compatible with the 9300 series processors. Intel said that developers will enjoy improved speeds while working on Poulson processors without having to recompile existing code.

Citing Poulson as the most significant update to the Itanium processor line, Rory McInerney, microprocessor development group director at Intel, told a group of reporters, “ w e believe that we will be able to continue the momentum in Itanium through this decade.”

The company said that Poulson chips are equipped with an impressive 3.1 billion transistors per chip and 54MB of memory, and that the maximum execution width had been doubled from 6 to 12 with bandwidth speeds increasing by a third.