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Libyan Government Allegedly Blocking Internet Access

The Libyan government has apparently started to pull the plug on the country's internet as the fight between the protesters and soldiers escalates, with the death toll reported by some agencies to be as high as 200.

According to Computer World, internet metrics firm Renesys says that Libya's General Post and Telecommunications Company has begun to block access to the internet across the African country.

The protests in Libya come after a similar protest in Egypt which saw president Mubarak resigning from office. As was reported to be the case Egypt, Libya is apparently also blocking access to the internet in order to prevent protesters from re-grouping in large numbers.

News agency AFP reports that Facebook and other popular websites are being effectively blocked across the turbulent nation.

However,, the popular shortening service, claims that the government's move will not affect its users. CEO John Borthwick told ZD Net, “for .ly domains to be unresolvable the five .ly root servers that are authoritative all have to be offline, or responding with empty responses. Of the five root name-servers for the .ly TLD [Top Level Domain]: two are based in Oregon, one is in the Netherlands and two are in Libya.”