MacBook Pro update imminent

Unmarked shipments of mysterious products have started appearing at Apple stores and resellers across Europe according to numerous sources.

Electronista is reporting that the most likely content of the sealed product palettes is a new range of MacBook Pro laptops which could be unveiled and on sale as soon as tomorrow, Tuesday February 22nd.

We'll have to wait until Apple gives resellers the unseal of approval as, according to insider tale-tellers, anyone revealing the contents of the cloak-and-dagger consignments will be excommunicated from the official retail programme.

Apple has quietly shipped initial quantities of refreshed lines before now so we're not expecting anything too staggering in the new versions of the range, most likely a bump to the recently re-jigged Core 17 Sandy Bridge processors for the 17-inch big daddy and the Core i5 variant for the 13 and 15-inch models.

The current 13-inch MacBook Pro was the best-selling computer of 2010 according to Amazon.