Motorola Xoom won't have Flash at launch

Since the launch of the iPad, Apple fans have had to put up with the favourite refrain of the anti-Apple lobby.

Detractors of the Cupertino company's triumvirate of expensive toys, the iPhone the iPad and the iPod Touch, have constantly crowed about the lack of Flash capability therein, something which Steve Jobs personally hobbled in a very public fit of pique at Adobe's buggy, bloated, anachronistic video and animation standard.

Every other wannabe tablet maker looking to jump on the iPad bandwagon has put Flash compatibility at the very top of the tick-list when it came to designing their latest iPad killer, and Motorola's Xoom was no exception.

Now, in the most embarrassing climbdown since a Jack Russell Terrier tried to do the dirty with a Great Dane, Motorola has been forced to admit that its Anti-Apple tablet saviour is a wee bit lacking in the Flash department.

According to US mobile carrier Verizon's web site, the Xoom - which is still be loudly trumpeted as having a “1GHz dual-core processor and fully Flash-enabled for video-rich web,” won't actually have anything of the sort. At launch at least.

Flash support won't be added to the Xoom's Android Honeycomb operating system until at least spring 2011, by which time the iPad 2 might well be upon us.

We know spring is not that far away but we just thinq it's hilarious that the one feature every manufacturer on the planet has been rubbing in Apple's face will not work on possibly the greatest contender ever for the tablet title at the time it steps into the ring.

At least Apple could make Flash work if it wanted to.