Orange Cuts iPad Price Amidst iPad 2 Launch Rumours

Orange is the first of the mobile phone operators to have cut the price of the iPad, possibly as part of a concerted effort to reduce stock ahead of the forthcoming launch of the new iPad 2.

The operator, which is part of Everything Everywhere with T-Mobile, has cut the price of all the iPad monthly contracts by as much as £130 for a limited price only.

The price of the monthly contracts remain the same (£25 for Orange customers and £27 for new ones) with the contract still lasting 24 months.

The 3G version can be had for as little as £99 with the total cost of ownership costing £699 overall (that includes 1GB anytime, 1GB quiet time & unlimited BT Openzone Wi-Fi (with a fair usage policy of 3GB) which is not a bad deal at all given that the iPad by itself costs £541.

In other words, you end up paying £158 over 24 months for the data allowance (that's just under £7 per month). Also, Orange is no longer charging the extra £30 premium that new customers had to fork out previously.