Picture Of Sony Ericsson 4G Tablet Prototype

A prototype of Sony Ericsson's upcoming Android based 4G tablet device has been photographed by a Dutch technology blog at the TDIA stand in the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona.

The tablet managed to avoid the media attention at the MWC which saw some major products being unveiled by the likes of Motorola and HTC.

According to Techradar, though details are unconfirmed the device comes with a front facing camera of around 3 MP and a 6 to 7 inch screen.

It also appears to have a bulky design and comes with three buttons - home, menu and back - which are commonplace on Android smartphones, though it is unusual for tablets to have so many. Most likely there will be some key design changes when the device is finally shipped out to the market.

Meanwhile, TDIA officials at the stand told NieuweMobiel that the device would run on Google's Android platform but were not clear about the software version. The tablet is also equipped with 4G technology which is yet to become available in the UK, so there may well be wifi and 3D versions released on the market in the future.