Survey: teens use Facebook to big themselves up

A survey conducted by an Australian mobile phone outfit has discovered that teens use social networking sites to make themselves look cooler than they actually are.

Apparently, stressed out teens will use Facebook's 'check in' facility to pretend they are having a great time at places they wouldn't be allowed into in order to gain bragging rights over their housebound mates, with one in ten faking where they are to improve their social status.

A third admitted to downloading 'quirky' apps to show off to friends, even though they have no intention of using them themselves, and a similar number confess to stealing smart-arsed comments and clever posts in order to make themselves look brighter than they really are.

Some 70 per cent reckoned their friends had told porkies about being in some overpriced club populated by sports stars and prostitutes (or actresses/models as they are often known) in order to make themselves look big and clever.

Some things never change, however. We're sure most youngsters still put an equal amount of energy into trying to convince their parents they're not having a good time in inappropriate settings at all.