Acer Releases Range Of Server And Storage Products

Computer manafacturer Acer has returned to the US server market with a new product portfolio and significant investments.

Acer, which is the fourth largest PC maker in the US, did have a presence in the US server market but let it diminish over the years. The company has now indicated its return by reinvesting in its server and storage business line.

The new products includes a range of server and storage solutions over a broad spectrum of usage models, including tower, blade, rack and multi-node platforms, which are based on Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors.

The company said that it has expanded and improved its support and service offerings and will make the servers in the US with the help of third party manufacturers.

Acer currently sells PCs and other devices in the US under its own brand name, as well as eMachines, Packard Bell and Gateway.

Todd Mottershead, senior manager for servers and storage at Acer, said in a statement, “I want to make sure that we can build very, very quickly and deliver much faster than everyone else. These are not cheap servers, and they won't be priced cheaply, but they will be very competitive with the offerings from others.”