Amazon Prime Customers Get Free Netflix Competitor

Amazon has announced today that members of its Prime delivery service, will be able to get free, unlimited, commercial free, instant streaming access to more than 5000 movies and TV shows in the US at least.

The membership, which costs $79 per year gives, users free two-day shipping on all their purchases through Amazon and according to the online retailer, it has attracted "millions" of members.

The service, known as Amazon Instant Video, will be compatible with around 200 models of internet-connected TVs and other devices as well as PC and Mac platforms; mobile platform like the iPhone and Android are not yet supported.

Amazon says that more than 90,000 videos will be offered for purchase or for rent, with thousands of them in high definition with many of them available on the day of their release on DVD or, in the case of TV shows, 24 hours after they have been broadcasted.

Of interest is the fact that British TV shows like Doctor Who and Fawlty Towers will be offered from the beginning; Amazon hasn't confirmed whether the service will be available in the UK soon.

The company purchased online video on demand company Lovefilm earlier this year and may well roll out the service if its US archrival Netflix comes to Europe.

Customers can get Amazon Prime for £49 per year with a free one month trial. Given that most of Amazon's products come with free delivery anyway, only those with an urgent need for one-day delivery will find the Prime service useful.