BT Missing Out Over Half Of Cabinets In Fibre Broadband Upgrade

BT is reportedly skipping up to 60 percent of the street cabinets while updating its network with fibre-optic broadband.

According to a PC Pro report, the company is leaving out a very major chunk of its coverage areas even though the street cabinets in those areas are eligible for the fibre-optic broadband rollout.

“BT needs to make it clearer what an enabled exchange means, make clear that a rollout can take place over three, four or five months and make clear that just because an exchange is enabled the actually coverage in that area could be 40% or 50%,” Stuart Watson, broadband product manager at Zen Internet, a company which resells BT's services, told PC Pro.

However, BT is claiming that some of the cabinets that have not been updated in the initial rollout might be 'revisited later'.

“A range of commercial and technical criteria is used to decide whether a specific cabinet is enabled. If a specific cabinet does not support enough premises it may not be enabled for fibre at this time,” a BT spokesperson said in a statement.