Cloud Computing Is Merely IT Outsourcing

Cloud computing should be treated just like any other form of IT outsourcing, members of the Information Security Forum, which gathered at the recent SecureLondon Conference, have suggested.

According to One Stop Click, the conference saw various IT experts discussing the impact of cloud computing and steps to initiate an industry wide adoption.

Adrian Davis, principal analyst at the conference, said, “cloud is just outsourcing. You can rely on knowledge of how you do outsourcing to an extent - there is enough there to help you.”

Davis said that companies should treat cloud computing services like any other IT outsourcing project and work closely with the providers to ensure its smooth functioning. He also said that providers should be held responsible if things go wrong.

Experts have long suggested that the cloud computing industry need a regulatory body if service providers are expected to follow security protocols and offer quality services to their clients. The security risks that come with the cloud are a major factor that is preventing industry wide adoption.