First Windows Phone 7 update arrives

Seattle based software giant Microsoft has rolled out an update to their latest Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, ahead of the announced schedule from Mobile World Congress.

Microsoft has started deploying their first ever update to WP7, although it’s not the one promised last week.

The minor update doesn’t bring to the mobile OS the functionality of copying text to another place; instead it’s just a fix for making future service packs and hot fixes easer to roll out.

This initial update is paving the way for the major updates that we wrote about last week, from Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer keynote speech. These updates will bring into the OS at a later date Internet Explorer 9, Twitter integration on the People Hub, on-line Skydrive access for files and better Xbox Live features.

The hotfix isn’t delivered over-the-air, instead it’s deployed to the mobile phone from a connected computer and in much the same way as Samsung operate's with their handsets.

Microsoft has stated last week’s guaranteed update to Windows Phone 7 platform is still on course, where the much awaited Cut and Paste feature that was left out of the shipping version is coming soon.

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