First Windows Phone 7 update released, bugs found

The first official update to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform has been rolled out today, but before you get excited we've got some bad news: it doesn't do anything.

The update carries no functionality changes, instead preparing the handsets for the upcoming 'NoDo' update which will include the copy-and-paste functionality that Microsoft somehow managed to miss out for the original release of Windows Phone 7.

The update is not being rolled out automatically, however. Users who want to ensure their handsets are running the very latest code are instead asked to connect their devices to their PCs or Macs to install the patch.

Despite the lack of new functionality, some users are reporting issues installing the new update - which, in theory, merely updates the updater ready for the rumoured March release of the real Windows Phone 7 update.

With users around the world and with a variety of different Windows Phone 7 devices reporting problems installing the update - and, in the worst cases, handsets being 'bricked' and rendered useless - it looks like the patch isn't without its problems.

Microsoft has confirmed that it is 'aware' of multiple reported issues with the update, and is investigating to ascertain the cause of the problems - and why they're only affecting a small number of users.

The next update, which has no official release schedule but is rumoured to be heading to devices next month, will bring a raft of improvements including the long-promised copy-and-paste functionality and vastly improved load times for apps. Let's just hope Microsoft has ironed out the updater's bugs by then.