Kinect SDK For Windows Arriving In Spring

Software giant Microsoft has announced that the company will release the Kinect SDK (software development kit) for Windows this spring.

The Kinect motion sensing gaming peripheral was released by Microsoft last year for its Xbox 360 console. The device allowed users to use their whole body as controllers to play games, offering an interactive gaming experience.

The peripheral was an instant hit when it was launched and soon developers were experimenting with Kinect for PC based applications. Microsoft was at first not so happy with people hacking its technology but soon warmed up to the fact that the platform was gaining popularity among developers.

The company said in a blog post that the Kinect for Windows SDK will come with a set of tools for making applications that use Kinect's technology.

“It will be available this spring as a free download, and will give academic researchers and enthusiasts access to key pieces of the Kinect system - such as the audio technology, system application programming interfaces and direct control of the Kinect sensor itself.”