Londoners Don't Want Mobile Phones on the Tube

In a recently conducted poll, 76 percent Londoners declared that they don't want an underground wireless network for the London Tube.

The poll, which was conducted soon after Huawei expressed its eagerness to maintain the network, questioned 1,094 Londoners, and the majority were against the installation.

The survey, which was carried out by mobile price comparison site, revealed that 31 percent of Londoners, who were against the network, were also afraid of being attacked by muggers and thieves.

Meanwhile, 16 percent of the naysayers believed that using their mobile phones underground would catapult their phone bill to greater heights.

Marc Owen, the founder of, said in a statement: "The news of the underground mobile network certainly has caused quite a stir, but I am surprised to see so many people are against it.”

“There are obviously risks with having increased usage of mobile phones on the tube, but these are things that can be sorted,” he added.