New Details Emerge About Upcoming MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro laptops that Apple is expected to release in the next two weeks will boot from a separate solid state drive.

According to several Apple sources cited by the Boy Genius Report, the new laptops will be available for sale in the next fortnight and Apple will send the laptops to its stores in a few days time.

The sources also revealed that the OS on the MacBook Pro will be installed on a separate super fast 8-16 GB solid state drive, while other things will be stored on the normal hard drive. Consumers will have the option of buying laptops with only solid state drives, but the base models will come with SSD and normal hard disk combo.

Another revelation is that the MacBook Pros will come with glass trackpads that are even larger than the trackpads on the current range. The devices will be around half a pound (220 gr.) lighter than their current counterparts.