Another Reason To Avoid The HTC Desire S

Unless you require a front facing camera or cannot wait for Gingerbread, the HTC Desire HD is turning out to be a much better deal than the HTC Desire S with SIM free prices starting from under £370.

Handtec sells the unlocked, dark brown version of the HTC Desire HD for around £50 less than the HTC Desire S, which has only a few features.

Both share the same screen resolution, the same wireless connectivity, the same processor, the same GPU and the same amount of onboard RAM.

The HTC Desire HD however has more onboard memory, a much bigger screen, 8GB microSD card and a better camera. The HTC Desire S has a front facing camera, a bigger battery and Gingerbread (instead of Froyo).

The Desire S has just been released at the Mobile World Congress which is why it is still commanding a premium; yet the one year old HTC Desire, which is not that different from the HTC Desire S is available from a mere £240, that's a full £180 less than the HTC Desire S.

In other words, you will be able to buy a two year contract with plenty of minutes, texts and internet with the HTC Desire for the price of the HTC Desire S alone.