Apple board under fire over Jobs succession

Shareholder groups will descend on Apple today and demand that the interim board details how the company will be run should Steve Jobs shuffle off this mortal coil.

With some shoddy reports suggesting that the all-powerful Apple hegemon has just six weeks to live, investors are starting to worry that they might lose a few bucks if Jobs does meet his maker before Apple has its affairs in order.

Is it just me, or does anyone else have a mental picture of vultures circling a dying man invading their consciousness?

It's true that Jobs has always been the driving force behind Apple's innovation, and the company would be a very different entity without him at the helm, but he has been steering the good ship Apple for so long now that the company's culture is steeped in Jobsness.

When mealy-mouthed money grubbers say things like “Shareholders deserve to know the company has a plan in place,” I can't help but feel just a little bit dirty on their behalf.

Of course Apple has a plan in place. Do you think for one minute that Tim Cook and the rest of Apple's board are sitting around waiting for the king to die so that they can look on while his empire collapses around them?

The very fact that Apple has made few if any announcements about its future plans without Jobs at the company's head is quite simply a show of respect for a poorly man who anyone in their right mind will wish a speedy recovery and subsequent return to work.

In the meantime the harpies will continue to squawk and complain about their right to know exactly how sick Jobs is because their money is riding on his health.

Apple stock has continued to rise since Jobs announced he would be taking in indeterminate leave of absence in order to properly recover from his recent battle with pancreatic cancer and subsequent liver transplant.

He is thought to be keeping his hand firmly on the pulse of Apple's every move from the comfort of his Palo Alto home.