Apple iPhone 4 Display Production Reached 13.2m In Q3 2010

A report published by DisplaySearch entitled Quarterly Mobile Phone Shipment and Forecast Report indicates that more than 13.2 million iPhone 4 Retina Display screens were shipped in the third quarter of 2010; that compares to 7.4 million units from Q2 2010 (ed : retina display is also used on the iPod Touch but DisplaySearch only includes smartphones).

For the record, Apple shipped more than 14 million iPhone (Retina Display iPhone 4 and HVGA iPhone 3GS) in the fourth quarter ending October 2010.

While the average selling price of mobile phone displays was $8.20, the display component of the iPhone 4 cost $28.50 according to a virtual teardown carried out by iSuppli.

In total, more than 410 million mobile phone displays were shipped in Q3 2010, a growth of 6 per cent quarter on quarter while revenue increased 13 per cent over the same period.

While the average selling price of mobile displays has been falling, Calvin Hsieh, Senior Analyst at DisplaySearch, noted that “Increased demand for upgraded specifications (such as display size, technology, and resolution), and a shift in display technologies used in mobile phones" may cause prices to increase.

Demand for higher resolution displays above HVGA accounted for nearly a quarter of the mobile phone display market in Q3 2010; WVGA resolution accounts for eight per cent of the market, more than double the 3.5 per cent market share in Q1 2010 and 5.3 per cent in Q2 2010.