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Apple Signs White iPhone 5 Panel Supplier

Apple has reportedly sign Taiwan-based Wintek as the only supplier to produce white touch screen panels for the iPhone 5 which we understand will be launched at the beginning of June 2011.

Digitimes quotes a report that was published the Chinese news outlet Economic Daily News which also mentions that Apple ,ay focus on white models for the iPhone 5.

The big loser could well be TPK Touch Solutions which is possibly the firm in charge of producing the whitev screen panel for the iPhone 4, a model that was unfortunately never officially released for sale.

It would not make sense to sell another version of the iPhone 4 so close to the launch of the iPhone 5. Apple will have to release TWO separate versions (GSM and CDMA) if it goes ahead with the plan.

The white iPhone 4 debacle was shadowed by the other fiasco that marred the first few months of the iPhone 4, the Antennagate.

Apple reportedly decided to stop shipping the white iPhone 4 because of issues linked to the quality of pictures taken by the onboard camera.