Google Confronted By New Antitrust Allegations

Search engine giant Google is facing another antitrust investigation after a smaller European search rival complained to the European Commission.

According to The New York Times, France based 1plusV, which offers specialised search engines, claims that Google knowingly prevented its websites from using the AdSense advertising platform.

AdSense allows advertisers to buy a keyword which when typed as a query, brings up an advertising link beside the search results. The French company said Google was preventing websites operated by 1plusV from utilising AdSense with its search technology.

1plusV owns, one of the companies that had initially filed an anti-trust complaint against Google with Foundem.

The European Commission, the corporate arm of the European Union, had begun investigating the search engine three months ago. A spokesperson for the EC told the NY Times that Google will be given a fair chance to explain itself before any judgement is pronounced.

“We have been working closely with the European Commission to explain many different parts of our business. While we have always tried to do the right thing for our users and advertisers, we recognise that there's always room for improvement,” the company said in a statement.