Google Denied Dismissal Of Oracle Copyright Lawsuit

Google's request to the courts for a dismissal of the copyright infringement lawsuit brought against it by Oracle has been denied by a US district judge.

Back in August 2010, Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google alleging that the company had infringed on some Oracle patents in its Android mobile phone operating system.

Google filed a motion to get the lawsuit thrown out but Oracle countered by attempting to block the request.

US district judge William Alsup decided to deny Google's request until the court had further investigated the claims made by Oracle.

“Having considered both parties' submissions, this order finds that good cause has not been shown to engage in a summary judgement battle at this time. Google's request is denied without prejudice to renewal after a more complete evidentiary record has been developed through discovery,” judge Alsup ruled.

Oracle has claimed that Google built Android using hundreds of copyright protected Java codes, which they owned.