iPhone 4 Bigger Than Combined HTC Smartphone Trio Says Google

Who better than Google would know which smartphone in the UK is the most popular? Although USwitch Tracker presents with a reliable snapshot, it is limited to a tiny subsection of the UK population.

Google Search on the other hand provides with the most comprehensive insight on what people in the UK actually look for as it is based on actual search queries.

The search query shows that over the last 90 days, the iPhone 4 has garnered, in the United Kingdom, more "interest over time" than the HTC Desire, the Wildfire and the HTC Desire HD put together.

The RIM Blackberry Curve - which came fifth in the Uswitch list - is surprisingly more popular than the Wildfire especially in Northern Ireland.

Although Google's result doesn't necessarily means that users will buy the phones, it is a pretty good indication when it comes to the popularity of the handsets as Google still accounts for 90 per cent of the UK search market.