Rumour of hack-proof PS3 development tips up

Sony is rumoured to be developing a new PlayStation 3 console that will engineered to prevent jailbreaking.

Anonymous sources have apparently told Everything HQ that a new PS3 being developed by Sony will come with a 300 GB hard drive and will cost £186.99.

The rumour coincides with Sony reducing the prices of PS3 across the board, indicating that the company could be making way for a new, 'hack-proof' model.

Sony has already tried to ban jailbreakers from accessing the PlayStation Network but hackers managed to release another jailbreak that bypasses the controls and even allows users to ban other users from PSN. Sony is yet to react to this move.

The Japanese giant is currently preparing for a legal battle with the PS3 hacking community after taking prominent PS3 jailbreaker George Hotz to court. Hotz has raised around $10,000 from the public in order to take the fight to Sony. Sony may well be waiting on the outcome of this case before deciding on when to launch the new console.

With the prospect of Sony launching a PS4 still some way off, Sony is floundering around trying to find a way to stop its customers tinkering with the boxes they bought and paid for. A re-engineered PS3 isn't beyond the realms of possibility, even if Everything HQ has made it all up.