Super Fast Broadband For 88% In Northern Ireland With BT Upgrade

BT is planning a multi-million pound investment in Northern Ireland to boost the broadband infrastructure of the country.

The large scale broadband revamp being planned by BT will see the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) also pooling some money to help bring broadband to rural areas.

The infrastructure renovation will see 780 cabinets being upgraded with fibre-optic technology, which will bring the total number of fibre-based cabinets in the country to 2,400. The new connections should boost Ireland towards the top of the list of best broadband networks in Europe.

BT, which plans on connecting 88 per cent of phone lines with fibre cables, said that the move could create 60 jobs in Ireland.

Arlene Foster, the enterprise minister of the Northern Ireland Executive, said in a statement, “substantial investment in bringing lightning-fast broadband to businesses, schools, colleges and individuals delivers significant economic and social benefits for the whole of Northern Ireland.”

BT Northern Ireland head Graham Sutherland stated,"high-speed fibre broadband is transformational, it changes how we live, how we educate, how our businesses send their products and ideas around the world," adding, "this is a great moment in Northern Ireland's broadband story."