Windows 8 Beta Finished By September, Suggests Roadmap

A leaked Windows 8 roadmap has suggested that Microsoft might launch a beta of the operating system as soon as September this year, with a general release expected in mid-2012.

The document, which was procured by ZD Net, reveals that the development milestone 2 (M2) for Windows 8 was completed on February 18th while the final M2 build candidate should be finished today.

The work on the milestone M3 will commence on February 28th. Assuming that this phase takes about 5 months and allowing a month or two for CTP testing, a beta would be released around the time of the Professional Developers Conference in September.

Microsoft had announced during January's Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas that the Windows 8 OS will include support for ARM processors apart from those built on the x-86 architecture from Intel.

The move will allow ARM an entry into the PC market after the company made a killing on mobile phone and tablet devices. ARM chips are used in almost every other smartphone and tablet device.

Should the timetable of the leaked roadmap be accurate, it would seem the Windows 8 project is well on schedule, with a likely release to manufacturers date of mid-2012. The Windows team has refused to officially comment on any such timeline.