AppSense Receives $70 Million Boost From Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs has stated its intention of buying a minority stake in UK user virtualisation software maker AppSense for $70 million.

The investment would be used to expand AppSense's presence in the United States. The company already has offices in the US, Germany, UK and Australia.

AppSense offers user virtualisation tools that allow company employees to access documents from any location and mobile device. This industry is expected to grow to $2 billion in the coming few years.

Present customers of the firm include major government departments as well as large corporations like BT and United Airlines.

According to The Independent, AppSense plans on increasing its employee strength from 300 to 450 this year and is also considering going public in another 3-4 year's time.

Darron Antill, the chief executive of AppSense said in a statement, “We appreciate the magnitude of what this investment will allow us to do. Effective user virtualisation solutions are critical to any enterprise's future desktop strategy and will only continue to increase with the growth of cloud and mobile-device platforms.”

A spokesman for Goldman Sachs said, "AppSense's strong customer traction, history of innovative solutions in desktop computing, and the record growth over the past two years further solidified our decision to invest in the company."

Only recently the bank invested $500m along with Russian company Digital Sky Technologies in social network site Facebook, in a $1bn share offering to investors.