Apple Will Sell 30 Million iPad 2 By Q1 2012 Says Analyst

Apple may be on track to sell more than 30 million iPad 2 in the 12 months leading to March 2012, according to Mike Abramsky, the managing director of RBC Capital Markets,

Production of the tablet, which is likely to be unveiled on March 2 in San Francisco, is said have encountered some unexpected delays, according to sources in Taiwan, caused by manufacturing bottlenecks.

In a note to financial partners (and reported by BGR), Abramsky expects the iPad 2 to come with a faster 1.2GHz processor (whether it is the A4 or the A5 remains to be seen), twice the amount of memory, a rear and front facing camera and a thinner lighter case.

Whether it will be compatible with the new Light Peak (Thunderbolt) technology remains to be seen. RBC also reported that Apple would sell a whopping 70 million iPhone in 2011 with CDMA iPhone hitting around 10 million units.

Taiwanese website Digitimes on the other hand predicted that Apple will ship more than 65 million iPad units in 2011 without giving more details as to which proportion will be of the first generation.