Burglar caught after posting evidence to Facebook

A man dubbed the 'Facebook Burglar' has been brought to justice after he posted a picture of himself posing with his ill-gotten gains to the Facebook profile of the unlucky homeowner's son.

In what must surely rank as one of the most stupid decisions in history, Rodney Knight decided that breaking into the Washington home of Washington Post journalist Marc Fisher and stealing two laptops, a coat, and $400 in cash wasn't enough: so he paused to take a photo to commemorate his crime.

Rather than keeping the image a closely-guarded secret, he then uploaded the image to Facebook - and posted it to the profile of Fisher's son.

Considering that the image in question showed Knight wearing the stolen coat, brandishing the stolen money, and posing in the house he shouldn't have been in, it proved a somewhat idiotic move - especially considering that it also provided a clear, crisp image of Knight's face into the bargain.

As you can imagine, it didn't take long for police to track him down and arrest him - and with Knight having provided the evidence against him, there was really no choice but to plead guilty.

Local news service NBC Washington reports that Knight has done exactly that, confessing his crimes of second-degree burglary and the carrying of a pistol without a licence. It is not yet known what punishment the 'Facebook Burglar' will face - but let's hope the Judge orders it posted to his profile as a deterrent to others.