Cowell wants X Factor fans to vote using Facebook

Simon Cowell wants his X Factor television shows to use a voting system on the social networking site Facebook, according to a recent report.

Cowell and other X Factor executives have reportedly been negogiating with Facebook to get the new system implemented before the show begins its United States' broadcast.

"Details are still being ironed out, but everyone's incredibly excited," a source told The Sun. "It makes perfect sense as The X Factor has one of the youngest, most media-savvy audiences in the world."

Due to broadcasting laws in the United States, voting will be free for American viewers; however, viewers in the United Kingdom will have to purchase Facebook Credits to vote to save their favorite contestents.

"In America, you don't pay to vote because of broadcasting laws," the source revealed. "So viewers will vote through an app, or in the way you 'like' a celebrity's page now." In the U.K., you will buy Facebook Credit like you can now for games on the website, and use that to vote.

Voting by phone would still be available, but the move to the social network is clearly a move to capitalise on Facebook's massive userbase. Last season's final of the British version of the show attracted over 15 million phone votes. Facebook claims some 550 million users worldwide.