Facebook Disables New Breakup Notifier App

Facebook has banned the Break-up Notifier app that lets users keep a close watch on the relationship status of people they are interested in.

The app, which went live on Monday, had garnered 3 million users but has been banned despite the immense surge in popularity.

Breakup Notifier, which was developed by Dan Loewenherz, sent users an email every time one of their selected 'friends' changed their relationship status on the platform. The app looked to put an end to people constantly having to refresh the Facebook page of someone they were 'monitoring'.

A spokesperson for Facebook said in an emailed statement to Loewenherz, “To ensure positive user experiences on the Platform, we run routine automated screens that take user feedback, machine learning and various algorithms into account and remove spammy applications.”

Loewenherz developed the app in around four hours after coming up with the idea. Facebook has also disabled the developer's profile page.

On the app's official Twitter account a plea was made to put pressure on the social networking site to restore the popular service: "Hey everyone, Facebook emailed saying that they've disabled us... We are working for a fix, but ask atfacebook to put us back online!"