Full SDK For Android 3.0 Honeycomb Is Now Available

Google has made available the Android 3.0 software development kit allowing developers to starting making applications for its honeycomb tablet PC platform. A preview of the SDK was released by google in January.

“We are pleased to announce that the full SDK for Android 3.0 is now available to developers. The APIs are final, and you can now develop apps targeting this new platform and publish them to Android Market. The new API level is 11,” the company stated in a post on the Android Developer's Blog.

The new platform is aimed at the unique requirements of applications on devices with larger screen sizes. It offers developers all the tools to create visual and interactive experiences. For an overview of the new features for developers (and users) see these Android 3.0 Platform highlights.

Alongside releasing the new platform for development, the company has also updated its SDK tools and ADT Plugin for Eclipse (10.0.0).

The key improvements released for the ADT plug-in include a new palette with categories and previews, selection sensitive action bars and zoom improvements. Google has also updated the traceview function for easier profiling on ADT.

Google is also planning on introducing the new Android operating system to smartphone devices. Android 3.0 Honeycomb is making its début on a tablet deivice with the Motorola Xoom, which is available in the US from today.