Google Apps Certification Program Introduced For Specialists

Search engine giant Google has rolled out a certification program for IT professionals who have the skill and knowledge to deploy, migrate, sell and develop Google Apps for Business.

IT professionals interested in getting Google Apps certification would have to sit a 98 question long exam that would require single-word or multiple-choice responses. If professionals pass the exam, which lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes, they will receive the Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist certificate and badge.

“Before taking the exam, it is recommended that a candidate have a minimum of 3-6 years of professional IT experience, and complete at least 3 Google Apps for Business deployments. The deployments should require some technical complexity and significant data integration and migration work,” the company explained.

Candidates will have to be familiar with Google Apps Directory Sync and sever side migration tools like Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange.

Results of the test come soon after its completion and those successful are sent their certificate through email. Those who fail are also informed by email about which areas they need to improve on.

The examination can only be taken in English at present, but the company intends to offer the qualification in various other languages in the near future.