Google Apps For Education Taking Off In US

Google Apps for Education is being adopted by school districts across the US giving a hard time to commercial vendors like Microsoft.

The search giant already has school districts in Oregon and Iowa on board to use its web-based email and collaboration applications. The school districts, which signed up for Google Apps in May and June, have since been joined by those of New York and two other states.

Google Apps product manager Shan Sinha told The Wall Street Journal that Google Apps for Education now has around 10 million students across the US, with 3.1 million in New York alone.

Apart from offering email and real time collaboration apps, the suite also offers third party apps like the Endgrade gradebook and lesson plan software for teachers and or Thinkwave for IT administrators.

Sinha said that Google plans on keeping offering the services for free. “We’re not trying to generate revenue from this side of the business,” he said.

Andy Crozier, coordinator of digital learning technology for the State of Iowa public education system said, that although schools haven’t "jumped off the Microsoft Office ship yet,” now they’re getting the same set of applications from Google for free, he could see that happening in the next year or two.