Motorola Xoom tablet hit with trademark lawsuit

Online payment company Xoom Corporation has launched a trademark suit against Motorola over its Android-based tablet which is to launch today. Motorola has been hyping up the arrival of the tablet - also called Xoom - for some time now.

Law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius filed the suit against Motorola Mobility with the US District Court for the Northern District of California yesterday

Xoom Corporation wants a permanent injunction against the use of the name and also asks for a 'temporary restraining order and/or preliminary injunction', which could disrupt Motorola's launch plans.

Xoom Corporation is asking for 'treble damages', claiming Motorola's alleged infringement is 'wilful and intentional conduct'. Xoom Corporation says it has been using its name 'since at least as early as 2003'.

Patent watcher Florian Muller has all the details and analysis on his blog page here.