Next Week's iPad 2 May Not Be Real Thing

With only days before the March 2 event where many expect will see the launch of the iPad 2, one respected Apple commentator, Jeremy Horwitz, editor-in-chief of Mac website iLounge, suggests that the device we will see next week might be an interim model, an iPad 1.5, not unlike the transition between the iPhone 3G and the 3GS.

He cites two reliable sources who told him that Apple has encountered some unexpected problems with the new model, something that Digitimes pointed out a few days ago but were rebuked by the Loop.

Horwitz says that the iPad launched next Wednesday might not be far from what he calls a third generation iPod Touch, basically one with a slightly tweaked case and a front facing camera.

Two distinct possibilities are mentioned; one that Apple introduces the iPad next week and starting to sell the product within weeks or announce the next generation iPad and then something better in a few months.

Either way, the twisted tale of the iPad 2 is as convoluted as it can get. The last scenario coincides with John Gruber's analysis earlier this month where he suggested that Apple may be releasing an "iPad 3", another tablet which Apple may introduce just before the holidays.

Our own source says that we're likely to see a smaller version of the iPad because replacing a product with another vastly superior one within months may be too much for some to swallow.