Parallels And Softlayer Technologies Collaborate On Ready-To-Go Cloud Platform

SoftLayer Technologies and Parallels have jointly released a new ready-to-use cloud computing platform targeted towards telecoms, ISPs and SMBs.

The Parallels Automation on-Demand (PaoD) combines the Parallels Automation Suite with SoftLayer's fully automated infrastructure to offer a comprehensive cloud service delivery solution.

The platform has been designed to offer immediate access to hundreds of cloud based applications that save time and cut risks and costs.

According to the companies, the platform is capable of offering management solutions for core platform infrastructure, end-customer control panels, admin consoles for end-user accounts and most importantly, delivery and management of 250 cloud based applications including Microsoft SharePoint and OpenExchange.

Jack Zubarev, President of Marketing and Alliances for Parallels, said in a statement, “We are extremely pleased to leverage SoftLayer's expertise and scale in providing infrastructure services. This partnership eliminates most barriers to entry for new cloud players, and enables existing hosting and cloud providers to take their business to the next level.”