Windows Phone 7 problematic update gets some answers

Seattle based software giant Microsoft recently rolled out update to their latest Windows Phone 7 OS has apparently caused some issues, with a number of handsets.

Microsoft has now gone on record in a recent blog post to put an answer to problems seen with the update to WP7, along with quelling any fears that potential updaters might have.

The software company has stated that 90-percent of Windows Phone 7 handset owners that received an update notification message were able to roll out the new software successfully.

It has been reported that Samsung Omnia 7 owners experience issues, resulting in an unusable and non-working Windows Phone 7 mobile and this updating method has now been suspended for the Omnia 7.

Microsoft has explained away the common problems encounter by the 10-percent of those failed updates as being a poor internet connection, or lack of computer storage space.

This is the first deployment of any fixes or improvements to the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, which was only set to pave the way for future updates to be more easily installed.

The Windows Phone 7 team has stated they have learned from this roll out and are committed to improving the update process.

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