Windows Phone 7 Update Disables Samsung Mobiles

Microsoft has revealed that the Windows Phone 7 update has been held back for Samsung mobiles, after users reported that the devices were bricked when trying to install the software update.

In an email to WinRumors, a Microsoft spokesperson said that the company had identified an issue within the update and has disabled the update for Samsung phones.

“In response to this emerging issue, we have temporarily taken down the latest software update for Samsung phones in order to correct the issue and as soon as possible will redistribute the update,” the spokesperson said.

Several Samsung users reported that the minor Windows Phone update released by Microsoft was giving problems while installing while some complained that the update had bricked their phones.

“Basically, after plugging in my phone to receive the update, the process gets as far as stage 6 of 10 where the phone goes through the reboot process but the phone hangs on the ‘connect your phone to your PC,” one user explained.

Writing on Microsoft's Answers website, one user stated, "My phone is currently unusable, even after hard reset," with another person claiming, "I've got an unmodified Samsung Omnia 7, now bricked."

Some users are not certain whether they should take up the issue with their service provider or with Microsoft.