Android Market adds e-book library

Google has added a Books and Reference section to the Android Market just in time for the launch of Motorola's Xoom tablet next Thursday.

The Xoom is just the first in a rising tide of Android Honeycomb-powered tablets soon to hit the market and the addition of the dedicated section to the on-line app outlet is in recognition of the fact that most tablet buyers will be planning to use their new gadgets as e-book readers as well as for new-fangled media.

The titles on offer are a decidedly mixed bag ranging from free religious texts and guides on how to tie knots, to paid for versions of The Cat in the Hat and the Kama Sutra.

At the moment the titles on offer seem to weighted towards 'reference' rather than 'books' with few if any blockbuster novels in evidence.

But the biggest caveat is that you'll have to be in possession of an Android 3.0-powered device - and at the moment that means the Motorola Xoom and... well, that's it actually.

Google hasn't announced support for older devices as yet but we suspect it might be forthcoming.