Anonymous hacks Westboro Baptist nutters on air

Headless hacktivists Anonymous hacked web sites belonging to the controversial Westboro Baptist Church in retaliation for recent media outbursts, a member said in a live radio interview.

The attack took place just days after Anonymous issued a statement claiming that it had no plans to attack the Church's web sites, claiming that an earlier letter sent to the church on behalf of the group was a hoax.

A spokeswoman for the 'Church', Shirley Phelps-Roper appeared on a radio show to complain about the hackers, along with an Anonymous representative who said the so-called threat on the barmy religious organisation had been faked.

There's a video of the exchange on YouTube here, in which Shirley appears a few beans short of a can.

During the show, all the Westboro Baptists' web sites appear to have been taken down, a move which the Anonymous spokesman credited to fellow hacktivist Jester.

But later, having endured a fair amout of Shirley's bile, Anonymous hacked the Westboro Church's downloads site, posting up a message which we assume was praising the Lord of the Interweb.