Film Piracy Case Dismissed By Crown Prosecution Service

The Crown Prosecution Service has dropped the case against two men charged with pirating films online.

George Cartledge, from Glasgow, and Stephen Lanning, from Somerset, were charged with conspiracy to infringe copyright on their website FileSoup, which allows users to search for films to download from popular file sharing platform BitTorrent.

The prosecutors told the Bristol Crown Court that they would not proceed with the trial as it was a civil matter not a criminal case. The men were pronounced not guilty by the court. The men were arrested back in 2009 after the police were contacted by the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), a lobbying group that deals with film piracy.

The case echoes that of OiNK, whose founder was also charged with film piracy. Both OiNK and FileSoup merely offered links to the file but the actual copyright infringements were perpetrated by their users.

David Cook, the lawyer for George Cartledge, said in a statement to The Telegraph, “This case is not a one-off. We have now seen two prosecutions for allegations such as these which were fundamentally flawed. We have persistently worked in exposing the flaws in these cases which have resulted in the absolute failure of both prosecutions.”