German Police Raid House Of Sony PS3 Jailbreaker

German police have raided the home of a known PS3 hacker to seize his computers and PlayStation 3 consoles, in a move to aid Sony gathering evidence in its legal battle against PS3 hackers.

According to a post on PSX Scene, German police officials accompanied by a representative from Sony raided the home of PS3 hacker 'graf_chokolo'.

The officials said that the computing tools were being seized for providing evidence in an upcoming court battle.

However, just hours after Sony raided his home, the hacker posted his life's work detailing methods of how to jailbreak a PS3 and install third party Linux software, for anyone to jailbreak the consoles.

“Guys, i don’t joke, it’s serious. And to prove it, i kept my word and uploaded all my HV reversing stuff. Upload it everywhere so SONY couldn’t remove it easily. Grab it guys, it contains lots of knowledge about HV and HV procs,” he said in a post on PSX Scene.

Fellow PS3 users and hackers were somewhat perturbed by the developments. One contributer on the psx-scene forum summed up the feelings of many, saying, "You'd think police would have more to do than raid a computer programmers house and steal his PCs, like you know, catch real criminals?"