Google Introduces New Recipe Search Feature

Google has introduced a new feature on its search engine that enables people to search for cooking recipes based on the title of dish and the ingredients used.

In a an official blog post, the company explained that the Recipe View feature, which is located on the left pane that appears when users enter a search, will let users search for recipes by either typing a name of the dish, ingredient, food type or an occasion.

The search giant said that the recipes will be accompanied by star ratings and user reviews, and also lets users filter the search results further based on preparation time, number of ingredients and calories.

Google product manager Kavi Goel wrote on the blog, “Recipe View is part of our ongoing efforts to enrich the search experience using structured data, and this release is an exciting technical milestone for our team since its first time we've built a brand new set of search tools based off of rich snippets data.”

Google rival Bing released a similar recipe search feature last month. Both the services have striking similarities but Google's service offers more precise results, PC World notes.

Recipe View is initially rolling out in the US and Japan, with other locations to follow soon according to the company.