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Google To Launch Youtube On Demand Movie Service For UK Market

Google is looking forward to release an unlimited subscription, video on demand service that will compete with Netflix and Amazon Instant Video and wants to get the first mover advantage by launching the service in the UK ahead of everyone else.

According to the NYPost (opens in new tab), Google plans to launch it here before expanding to Europe and later to the US and has apparently been talking to Tinsel town studios for "months".

Netflix has been rumoured to be interested in the UK market for years already while Amazon already has a foot in the UK via Lovefilm which allows you to stream more than five thousand movies online (opens in new tab), the majority being free with a Lovefilm package.

Google has apparently earmarked $100 million to encourage Hollywood companies and other premium providers to sign up to the company's scheme but it might prove more difficult than thought even if Google managed to recruit a senior Netflix employee.

There's the thorny issue linked to the copyright disputes currently going on between Google on one side and many Hollywood studios; Google seems to believe that getting users to finally pay for content to complement advertising money might actually attract content producers.

Google will be up against a number of video on demand services in the UK including BBC's own iPlayer and the likes of Seesaw or MSN player.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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