Government, ISPs & Media Outlets Discuss Facilitating Legal Downloads

The UK government has held a meeting with ISPs and representatives from the entertainment industry to find the best way to facilitate legal media content downloading online.

The discourse is linked with the government's efforts to combat online music and movie piracy, whilst at the same time finding user-friendly alternatives.

ISPs and media organisations have been at conflict with each other on the best way to handle cases of illegally downloaded media files via torrents and P2P since the Digital Economy Act was established. Under this law the government sanctioned a user's internet connection being cut off if they continued to download illegally after having received three warnings.

The government, being mindful of public opinion, hopes to encourage the media industry and ISPs to find possibilities for legal access to music and movie content online.

Secretary of State for Culture, the Olympics, Media and Sport, Jeremy Hunt, represented the government at the meeting alongside representatives from, among others, TalkTalk and Virgin Media.

He commented on the talks, “I am pleased to hear that real progress has been made by ISPs and the music industry on developing new and attractive services for consumers. The more choice consumers have, the less attractive the unlawful alternatives will be.”