Govt thrashes out Digital Economy Act with ISPs

The UK Government has met with representatives from the British entertainment industry and ISPs to thrash out ways of monitoring online content downloads.

The move is part of the Government's effort to devise a middle path between combating music and film piracy and promoting businesses seeking to make money out of online entertainment media.

Since the controversial Digital Economy Act put in action, ISPs and media industry have been in dispute over how to deal with consumers who illegally download media files via torrents or P2P networks.

The law includes the dreaded 'three strike' rule, which gives the government the power to disconnect a user's from the Interweb if they continue to download illegally after receiving three warnings. The Government is seeking to encourage the media industry and ISPs to discuss the mechanisms for legal content access for music and movies online.

The talks were lead by Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt and involved representatives from TalkTalk and Virgin Media, amongst others.

“I am pleased to hear that real progress has been made by ISPs and the music industry on developing new and attractive services for consumers. The more choice consumers have, the less attractive the unlawful alternatives will be,” Hunt said in a statement released following the cosy chat.